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Integrated Back-up Battery System 




                        4 amp-hour model                                                2 amp-hour model


         The Integrated Back-up Battery System, IBBS, is an electronic system that combines a Ni-mh battery pack, a charger and switching logic in one convenient package.  The IBBS provides an engineered solution to enable an endurance bus for critical loads found in aircraft. It simplifies the wiring and installation of a source of back-up power by integrating all of the key elements into a single enclosure.  The IBBS system provides back-up power to electronic loads such as EFIS, GPS, Autopilots, Engine monitors and Electronic Ignition systems.    

            Integral to the IBBS is a nickel metal-hydride battery pack and a matched charging system to ensure the battery is properly charged and maintained.  The system also includes switching circuitry to provide a stable source of output power during normal and emergency operations.  The IBBS system also provides signals to other equipment such as EFIS systems to communicate the operating state of the back-up bus as well as the state of the battery. 

            The IBBS system connects to the standard aircraft power bus and provides an output to critical equipment that requires back-up power.  Additionally, the IBBS system provides surge and sag protection for connected equipment, allowing operation of critical equipment during engine starting.

             The IBBS system is suitable for use with equipment such as Garmin GNS-430/w, GNS-530/w, G3X series of avionics, Grand Rapids Technologies EFIS systems, Advanced Flight Systems EFIS, Dynon EFIS, and MGL EFIS, TruTrak Autopilots and EFIS. 

            The IBBS system has been approved for use with a single Light Speed Engineering Plasma Ignition system.

            An AC plug-in ground based charger is available for convenient recharging of IBBS system during product storage or after annual inspections.


SPECIFICATIONS:        IBBS-12v-4ah                                                

Input Voltage:                 10-15 volts DC 

Input Current                  9.75 amps max continuous (3.75 charging, 6 load)

Output Voltage:              10-12 volts DC during back-up operation 

Output Current:               6 amps continuous, 9 amp peak for radio transmissions 

Battery:                            Internal sealed Ni-mh 

Charger:                           Integral high performance fast charger 

Surge Protection:           16 volt active clamp, 1500w 10/1000uS waveform 

Wiring:                             CPC connector with Mil-spec machined contacts

Enclosure:                       Cast aluminum,    4.74” x 3.13” x 2.17”                                               

Weight:                             2.5 lbs 

Temperature range:       Operating  -10 C° to 60 C°,  charging  0 C° to 40 C°


     Connector:        AMP type CPC # 206486-2 on product,  AMP type CPC #206485-1 on wiring harness

        Note:   2 amp model weight  1.5 lbs,  3 amps max continuous current,   smaller enclosure

Download the instruction manual here:

        4 amp- hr   IBBS-12v-4ah

        2 amp-hr   IBBS-12v-2ah

General Wiring Diagram:

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Replacement batteries are available:  Please Call For Details


IBBS-12v-4ah  discontinued :   please use IBBS-12v-6ah         
IBBS-12v-2ah discontinued:  please use  IBBS-12v-3ah       


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