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Integrated Back-Up Battery System

The Integrated Back-up Battery System, IBBS, is an electronic system that combines a Ni-mh battery pack, a charger and switching logic in one convenient package.  The IBBS provides an engineered solution to enable an endurance bus for critical loads found in aircraft. It simplifies the wiring and installation of a source of backup power by integrating all of the key elements into a single enclosure.  The IBBS system provides backup power to electronic loads such as EFIS, GPS, Autopilots, and engine monitor systems and electronics ignition systems.


Learn more about IBBS  (click here)

Safety-Trim  Intelligent Servo Controller   

Safety-Trim is an electronic speed control system for standard electric trim servos found on many homebuilt aircraft.   It replaces other speed controllers and relay modules with an electronic solution that resolves issues such as run-away trim and failure to operate conditions.   Safety-Trim greatly simplifies trim switch wiring, especially when installing pilot and co-pilot switches.     Additionally, Safety-Trim provides high speed and low speed trim actuation based on airspeed.


Learn more about Safety-Trim  (click here)

Intelligent Flap Controller  IFC-1

Intelligent Flap Controller (IFC) is an electronic controller designed specifically to operate DC motor actuators such as the Vanís Aircraft series of Flap Actuators used in RV type homebuilt aircraft.   IFC connects to the standard up-off-(down) switches commonly used to control flap operation and directly drives a Vanís flap actuator.     IFC allows for Pilot and Co-pilot flap switches and resolves the possible conflicts if the switches are operated in opposite directions.   IFC requires NO flap position sensor and is fully compatible with Safety-Trim servo  controllers.  

 Learn more about IFC-1 (click here)

Intelligent Power Stabilizer   IPS-12v-4a and IPS-12v-8a

Intelligent Power Stabilizer (IPS) is an active power conditioner for critical aircraft loads such as GPS and EFIS systems.  The patented technology utilized in the IPS system allows aircraft electronics to be powered and operational prior to, and during engine start.   IPS saves Fuel and Operating cost by allowing GPS flight planning and clearance changes to be completed with the engine off.   IPS provides power to GPS and EFIS systems free from voltage surges and sags allowing these systems to be powered directly from the main aircraft bus without the need for auxiliary batteries.   Additionally, the power converter technology in IPS provides additional run time to critical loads during alternator out conditions. IPS-12v is available in a 4 amp and 8 amp model,  the IPS-24v is available in a 5 amp model.

Learn more about IPS-12v (click here)    Learn more about IPS-24v (click here)

ILC-4ch  Intelligent Lighting Controller

Intelligent Lighting Controller (ILC) is an electronic control system specifically designed for switching and dimming lighting loads in an experimental category aircraft.   ILC provides independent control of up to 4 lighting circuits, such as landing , taxi , strobe and navigation lights.   Additionally, 3 independent dimming circuits may be controlled.  ILC also includes a wig-wag function between 2 of the lighting circuits.   The ILC remote power module connects to the switches in your panel via a low current multi-conductor cable.  This configuration greatly reduces wiring density behind the aircraft instrument panel.



 Learn more about ILC-4ch (click here)

USW-1 Universal Switch- Airspeed kit

Universal switch airspeed kit (USW-1)  includes an ASW-1 airspeed switch and a Universal Switch-SPDT controller.    This combination of components allows for the switching of electrical loads up to 10 amps and up to 30 volts based on aircraft speed.  

Learn more about USW-1 (click here)

SS-12v  SmartStart

SmartStart is an electronic control module that controls the operation of the engine starter system.   SmartStart improves the safety and security of push-button or key-switch starting systems by providing an interlocked and time limited operation of the engine starter.  The SmartStart system helps avoid unintentional activation of the engine starting system.

Learn more about SS-12v (click here)



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US Patent 7,719,220 on Safety-Trim and Flap Controller products

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