Important details on trim switch wiring  (right click and save as)  


Application Note #1    "Multiple standard 'Hat Switches' wiring"


Application Note #2    "Use of Ray Allen Rocker switch RS-2  along with standard "Hat" Switches"


Application Note #3    "Use of Ray Allen Rocker switch RS-2 , stand-alone"


Application Note #4   "2 Speed Preset models and the flap switch"


Application Note #5   "ASW-1   Airspeed Switch Wiring"


Application Note #6   " Airspeed conversion spread sheet"


Application Note #7   " Safety-Trim used with FPS+Plus flap controller"


Application Note #8   " Replacing Ray Allen relay decks with Safety-Trim"

Product instruction sheets:

  Installation Instructions for Intelligent Flap Controller model IFC-1

  Installation Instructions: models ST-1-12v & ST-1-12v-2sp

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    Installation Instructions: model ST-2-12v & ST-2-12v-2sp

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  Installation Instructions for Universal Switch- Airspeed kit


  Wiring Harness Detailed Drawing  Safety-Trim





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US Patent 7,719,220 on Safety-Trim and Flap Controller products

US Patent 7,868,478 on IPS product

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